Golden Eye™ is a guaranteed delivery system that incorporates an infrared transmissive sensor that works to ensure a positive vend for the end user. When a customer makes a selection, the spiral will rotate one revolution. The Golden Eye™ sensor will detect if the product has dropped into the delivery bin. If the product has not dropped into the delivery bin after the initial spiral rotation, the spiral will make up to two more complete turns in an effort to vend the item. After three revolutions the customer can make another selection or refund their money by pressing the coin return button and the spiral will automatically return to the "home" position.
The Golden Eye guaranteed delivery system is a no-charge factory installed option for new merchandiser orders on AP Models 931, 932 and 933 Snackshops® . It’s also available as a chargeable factory installed option on the 960 À LA CARTE®. In addition, you can retrofit Golden Eye for installation in the field on existing Snackshops and the 960 À LA CARTE. Please inquire with your AP Distributor on retrofit kits and prices.

Our Golden Eye guaranteed delivery system watches your vends to compensate for product loading errors and ensure success every time. No more credit vouchers or grumpy customers. Just smooth operations all the time, under any ambient lighting condition.